Winter Accommodation Special 2018

Comfortable and spacious 2 bedroom cottages in a picturesque farm environment


Beautiful Fern Hook water Falls in our forest back yard

Winter Highlights

Winter highlights in the Walpole Area has to be topped by the beautiful Deep River Water Falls of Fernhook Falls, it is particularly good after a big rain. The Deep River is one of the most pristine rivers in Australia, with a completely forested catchment area.

Some days it may be just sitting in your warm cottage by the fire, listening to the rain on a tin roof and doing very next to nothing.

When possible we set up out door bon fires, or our guests often gather the wood with their children and have a nice night out doors roasting marsh mallows, spuds in the ashes or camp ovens  (childhood memories in the making ).

The forest glistening with rain drops and Brown Boronia season in August (most heavenly perfume).

Children receive a pony ride each morning, this tends to be a little later in Winter, usually 9 am, but we will fit it in any time in the day if necessary.

Winter is lambing time with lambs on the bottle always a favourite with kids, our first little fella for the year, Dazzles is with us now. We adopt them from a larger sheep farmer in the area, if a mother has triplets or quadruplets, she often can't raise them all herself.

 Stay 3 or more nights in May, June, July (excluding school holidays) or August for our discounted Winter Special.  Pricing starts at $110 per night for 2 adults. Also receive one night free when booking 7 nights.

This discount is automatically applied with online booking. See above button  for live booking system to Book Now.

Also available by contacting us. This also gives you the option to pay a one night deposit at time of booking and the remainder while here. Please use  form to the right. 

We are also running  Winter Retreat Packages, which includes evening meals, daily servicing, fire lighting, extra wood chopping and a ticket to the Tree Top Walk for each person. So each day you come home to warm house and delicious country meal.

See our Home Page for full accommodation details :)

What to bring

Walpole is the kind of place you should always bring clothing for four seasons, though obviously a majority of warm clothing in Winter. Gumboots for the farm and good solid shoes for day trips.  An umbrella and rain coats for bush walks. Marsh mallows for roasting and any extra indoor games.

While it gets cold, it is not as cold as inland, the average temperatures are between 10 -20 c with days usually between 16 - 19. It is the highest rainfall area of Western Australia, which is why we have these stunning big trees. We have found over the last 20 years, we get more breaks in the rain and it can be quite sunny for a while or for days at a time, unlike the old days of constant drizzle between the down pours! So there is always a chance for sight seeing.

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