Children enjoy a free pony ride each morning at 8.30 am.  We are happy to supervise the children during this time, if the rest of the family would like a sleep in or leisurely breakfast.

 Rides start at 8.30 am and depending on how many children are here,  finish around 10 am,  we will do it in the afternoons if guests are busy or the weather decides for us.

 After pony rides, we feed the chooks, ducks and turkeys, collect eggs in season (they generally don't lay in Winter). We also have 2 pigs to feed. The pigs enjoy any food scraps from your kitchen, except for meat scraps. The pigs are being used as piggy tractors to establish permaculture and vegetable gardens around Billa Billa. 

 Lambing occurs in July, so this is a yearly winter treat, for the July school holidays we always have some babies on the bottle which is always a favourite with children.

Calves are born in Summer . The cows belong to my older brother and his wife, occasionally they have to hand raise one and share it with guests. 

We are happy to take international visitors on a kangaroo cruise, just before sunset we will take you to the main kangaroo grazing areas where we often have 30 - 60 kangaroos and if we get lucky wild emus will also be visiting!