The Walpole Wilderness Area comprises of 7 national parks and 363,000 hectares of forests,wetlands, rivers, granite outcrops and coastal heath lands adjoining the newly gazetted Walpole Nornalup Inlets Marine Park. This ancient landscape on the south coast of Western Australia is a natural, simplistic paradise.

Mini Mt Frankland

Billa Billa Farm Cottages is 16km north of Walpole, adjoining the Walpole Wilderness Area in the Mt. Frankland National Park district. Mount Frankland and the beautiful Fernhook (water) falls are 15 minutes, scenic forest drive away.  Fernhook Falls is on the Deep River, which is Western Australia's cleanest river and one of only 2 wild rivers in the state.

The Walpole Wilderness Area, totals 363,000 ha of ancient forest, wetlands, granite outcrops, rivers and coastal heathlands. There are 2 core wilderness areas.

Mount Frankland provides a great look out over the core Wilderness Area of Peak state forest. 20,000 hectares of unroaded forest, wetlands and the beautiful Frankland River.

 The new little Mt. Frankland wilderness lookout, is wheelchair accessible and great for those that can't climb the larger mountain or when there is wet weather. There is also an undercover and bbq area with information, which makes for a great picnic spot.

We are a 25 minute drive from the Valley of the Giants Tree top walk, which is open daily from 9am to 4pm with free guided tours at 10am, 11am and 2.30pm. Valley of the Giants is a dense pocket of Red Tingle forest, which exists only within a 20km radius of Walpole. Ancestry of this forest type, links directly to the Gwondwanian era of 30 million years ago, with it's survival dependant on the high rainfall of the area.

Coastal heathland between Walpole and Denmark are listed on the international register of biodiversity hotspots, meaning that there is an internationally significant quantity of  species per square metre, which becomes spectacularly obvious in the wildflower season from August to November.


Peaceful Bay
Peaceful Bay
Mount Franlkand Wilderness View

The natural beauty of the area lead to the early creation of the Walpole Nornalup National Park, which was our states first national park. It is home to the Red Tingle tree (Eucalyptus Jacksonii), second largest girthed tree in the world, which occurs only within 20km of Walpole town site. The Valley of the Giants and Tree Top Walk are within this area. There is also an even more rare Rates Tingle and the Yellow Tingle (Eucalyptus Gyulfolei) which occurs for 100km.

In the year 2000, the  national parks were protected and linked  by the Gallop Labour govt, known as the Walpole Wilderness Area, after an extended passionate public campaign.  Many of the beautiful old growth forests remaining were on logging lists for 2003, and stand, because West Australians, demanded so.

Frankland River
Franklanr River in late Summer
Sea Eagles